How To Stay Cool During an Outdoor Wedding in Arizona

If you’re wondering how to beat the heat for your outdoor wedding in Arizona, these 5 ways to keep your guests cool will have exactly what you need! Of course the time of day and season you’re having your wedding are the most important factors, but doing the best you can to keep your guests cool is key for beating the heat!

Bride and groom at the atlar during their outdoor wedding ceremony at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Resort at Troon North.
Helpful tips for how to stay cool during your outdoor wedding in Arizona!

1. Create plenty of shade for your guests

This may seem like an obvious solution, but it’s true. Adding shaded areas for your guests to hang out or covering your reception area will help to eliminate extra harsh sunlight and extra added heat. Peak hours of the heat in Arizona are usually from 3 to 4:30 in the afternoon, so timing your shaded areas around this is very important.

2. Parasols

Utilizing parasols for your guests during your ceremony and/or reception will not only help shade your guests, but it adds an elegant flare to your wedding! You can really customize the style of your parasols so they fit with your wedding style.

Here are a few unique parasols that may fit your wedding aesthetic!

3. Serve popsicles or frozen drink

Having water easily accessible for your guests is number one priority, but incorporating other fun ways to cool your guests off is also ideal! Popsicles & unique frozen drinks are a great way to encourage your guests to cool down.

4. Chill towels to cool down

If you’re really concerned about the heat on your wedding day, provide fancy chill towels for your guests to grab if needed, and trust me… they will LOVE this! A great idea would be to display the towels in a container with ice that fits your wedding style best!

Here are a few fancier towels to have handy for your guests:

Here are a few fancier display tubs to keep stocked with ice and the rolled towels:

5. Foldable fans

Individual hand held folding fans are the best way to provide your wedding guests with a way to stay cool throughout the entire day. The beautiful thing is, this is also a great way to add in some personalization to your wedding day while serving a purpose.

These classic white foldable fans are perfect for matching your wedding aesthetic and keeping your guests cool on your special day!

If you’re looking for more ways to beat the heat for your outdoor wedding in Arizona, I would love to help! I’m Kaylie, a Phoenix wedding photographer here to help you curate a wedding day that speaks to you!



The article was written by me, Kaylie! I am a wedding & elopement photographer encouraging you to embrace the details that make your love story unique, to make sure you get a personable experience, & to be your helping hand and friend throughout the entire process! Specializing in nostalgic & candid images serving couples in Arizona & beyond!

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