Surprise Proposal at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

This surprise proposal at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona screams an adventurous love story! Everything from the weather, the lighting, and the good company was pure bliss.

How to propose at Cathedral Rock:

Climbing up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona is definitely not for everyone. The breathtaking views at the top of Cathedral Rock are 100% worth every bit of energy throughout the hike. The All Trails app/website rates the difficulty of the hike as “hard” and is a total of 1.2 miles out and back. The Cathedral Rock Trail features a variety of rocks to scramble through, 740+ feet of elevation gain, overlook areas to view Sedona’s beautiful red rock formations, and guided trail signs to keep you on the path. The hike is only 1.2 miles, but the intense elevation increase in the short period of time is what makes the hike difficult for most people.

The first third of the hike was fairly easy as you walked up the slight incline steps designed in the red rock. There was a railing for the majority of the way up until you got to the first wide opening area with a really cool overlook of the red rock in the distance. From there, designated trail signs guided you up the rest of the mountain ensuring you stayed on the path. As you continue your journey up the hike, it starts to get a little steeper. Be ready to use all fours to get your way up the incline. Shortly after that, you will reach what I call the “mini slot canyon” aka the most difficult and nerve racking part of the trail. You have to bear crawl your way up the incline with little to no room for error. Precision, good balance, and determination will be your best friends here. When you make your way to the top you will come to another area with more incline terrain. After this, it is smooth sailing for a short period of time until you reach the final stretch of the hike. The last little bit of the trail is a steeper incline walk along the path; if you stay to the left on the trail there are “step like” features in the rock. About 30-60 minutes later (depending on your endurance and skill) you will reach the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ… and what an accomplishment this feeling is! There is not a ton of room at the top so it can be a little overwhelming if it gets crowded, but take a sip of water, grab a seat along the rocks, and soak in the beautiful view from this insane Sedona hike.

When it comes to proposing at Cathedral Rock, you have lots of options! When you make it to the top, there is the iconic cliff edge that offers an amazing view for proposals. But if you want to capture more emotion in your proposal, perhaps along the edge of the top would be better for you, or if you don’t want to climb along the edge to get to the lookout area (trust me, it can definitely be a little intimidating at first). If you don’t want to make it to the top there are multiple areas along the way at one of the cool lookout points where it’s flatter and offers breathtaking views of Sedona!

If you’re thinking about proposing to the love of your life in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, I would LOVE to help! As an Arizona wedding photographer and couples photographer, planning surprises like this are what I live for! If you’re looking for a candid, natural, and authentic photographer for your proposal you can contact me below!

Their Story:

A few weeks before their proposal, I received a DM on Instagram from Jordan. He told me he was from Miami and had planned a family trip to Sedona, Arizona. Little did I know… he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Alexis. My heart began to race as I got so excited to hear his plan of action and to begin helping him figure out all the details.

When I told him about Cathedral Rock in Sedona, he instantly knew that’s where he wanted to begin his new chapter with the love of his life, Alexis. Both of their families took on their cross country adventure of heading to Arizona to make this special moment happen. For weeks Jordan and I were communicating about the perfect location, where he would pop the question, and how we could make this the perfect moment for the two of them.

Flash forward to March 14, 2022, aka the big day! We pretended like I was a mutual friend to one of their family friends and that I was taking their family along for a hike to show them around Sedona. Meanwhile the entire time, everyone knew what was going on except for Alexis. I still get nervous telling this story! Jordan had planned to propose at the top of Cathedral Rock during golden hour with the stunning view of Sedona in the distance. Both of their families were champs throughout the entire hike, pushing through the strenuous uphill fight to get to the top. This moment meant everything to them. When we finally got to the top I offered to take a group photo of them… then… Jordan pulled the ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and said “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone… you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible.” Yup, you guessed it… I was emotional, shaking, and everything in between. This moment was PERFECT! Alexis was so overwhelmed she had to sit down to process what just happened… she gets to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life.

Being a part of their once in a lifetime experience made me feel like the luckiest human on this planet. I am so beyond thankful for the kindness and genuine love their families showed me and all of the moments we shared that day! This surprise proposal in Sedona, Arizona at Cathedral Rock is something I will always cherish.

Are you planning to propose to your soulmate and want someone to capture your once in a lifetime feelings? I’m Kaylie, a Phoenix wedding photographer specializing in candid, timeless & authentic images! Contact me to help you plan the special moment you begin your new chapter with the love of your life!



The article was written by me, Kaylie! I am a wedding & elopement photographer encouraging you to embrace the details that make your love story unique, to make sure you get a personable experience, & to be your helping hand and friend throughout the entire process! Specializing in nostalgic & candid images serving couples in Arizona & beyond!

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