Wedding Planners in Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve begun planning your dream wedding then the first thing you might have thought of is that you need to hire a wedding planner. These wedding planners in Phoenix, AZ are for sure to offer an unforgettable experience and amazing services that will bring your wedding vision to life!

Here are 3 of the best wedding planners in Phoenix, Arizona to consider hiring for your wedding day!

Black Tie Optional Events – Chelsea Gaytan

Chelsea Gaytan is a Phoenix wedding planner and has been in the event industry since 2014. She has some of the best organizational skills in the game and decided to begin her journey of becoming a wedding planner in Arizona back in 2019 after she planned her own wedding all by herself. She realized her love for working with other vendors and creating authentic stories through organizing details that bring visions to life! 

Her style is very unique and caters to the couples who love an outdoorsy, off the beaten path style! She radiates so much positive energy and really loves to express couples’ adventurous sides through her work. Chelsea strives to provide all of her clients with a very personable experience so you can feel like you’re wedding besties! She makes sure to express to each couple that she has your back no matter the circumstance and that you will always be in the best hands when hiring her as your Arizona wedding planner.

Chelsea offers many different packages ranging from day of coordination to full day planning and is open to building custom packages for your wedding as well. She is very talented in what she does and prides herself for always being sure to think through all of the details! She truly goes above and beyond for all of her couples to make sure you are never left hanging and any last minute emergencies are taken care of. This really shows in her work how dedicated she is to carrying out her clients’ wedding day visions. 

If you’re on the hunt for a Phoenix wedding planner who will embrace your adventurous side, support your ideas of going against social norms, and in need of a wedding bestie who will be there for you through thick and thin, then Chelsea Gaytan is your girl!

Riding Tandem – Carlie & her team

Carlie and her team at Riding Tandem have been serving couples in Arizona for years! Riding Tandem is a fun group of wedding planners in Phoenix, AZ who understand weddings come in all styles, want you to always feel comfortable, and provide education for every bride! Carlie, Alyssa, Jourdan, and Sarah are the dream team behind it all and are constantly working on providing all of their clients with high end, classic, and timeless feels throughout their work!

The Riding Tandem team are always one step ahead of the game while being stylish, trendy, and having fun with what they do! As wedding planners in Arizona, they really care about every bride and groom that inquires with them and always strive to provide resources and education even for the couples that aren’t able to work with them. Riding Tandem offers coordinating and planning packages and focuses on the marriage of the couple so they can truly understand your story to ensure you feel most comfortable throughout the entire process.

Carlie is very passionate about giving back to future wedding planners in Phoenix, Arizona and investing in the younger generation so she took on a team of interns to share the education she’s learned throughout her years of experience. Their interns are always learning new tips and tricks about the industry and assisting with Riding Tandem’s wedding days, social media, interviews with vendors, and more so they can work on their skillset!

If you’re in need of some of the best wedding planners in Phoenix, AZ then Riding Tandem is your dream team! 

Hudson Grey Weddings – Anna Tyler

Anna Tyler has been a Phoenix wedding planner for 6 years and counting. Her great love for heartfelt emotions, love stories, and all the moving parts of weddings are what drove her to becoming a wedding planner. “My goal is that people look through our wedding albums and the pictures could be from the 1950’s or 2030’s,” says Anna. She strives to provide all of her couples with a chic and timeless look so you can confidently look back on your wedding day and remember the natural elegance and authentic emotions you felt that day.

Anna has worked just about every catering/hospitality job there is so she has gained years of experience and is able to excel in the execution, logistics, and communication of every event she puts together. At Hudson Grey Weddings, they take the one on one experience very seriously and make sure they are the only ones communicating with all of their clients so you get their full undivided attention. Arizona wedding planner Anna Tyler is passionate about providing all of her couples with a personable and family-like experience. She understands how stressful weddings can be and truly wants all of her couples to feel comfortable with her and to soak in all the intimate moments of your special day.

She is dedicated to making sure your wedding goes smoothly while having your back throughout the entire process of working with her. If you’re searching for a wedding planner in Arizona that will take care of every detail and provide a genuine experience, then Anna Tyler at Hudson Grey Weddings is your girl!

If you need assistance on finding the right wedding planner for you or want more resources on how to plan your dream wedding day, contact Phoenix wedding photographer, Kaylie Miller and schedule your free wedding consultation now!



The article was written by me, Kaylie! I am a wedding & elopement photographer encouraging you to embrace the details that make your love story unique, to make sure you get a personable experience, & to be your helping hand and friend throughout the entire process! Specializing in nostalgic & candid images serving couples in Arizona & beyond!

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